Adare Manor
June 2010
International Academy
of Trial Lawyers
in Ireland
The ideal moment
 to have your portrait painted.


International portrait artist
and longstanding friend of the trial lawyer community
Trevor Goring
will be offering IATL members
an exclusive opportunity to commission a portrait
whilst staying in the magnificent Adare Manor Hotel.


From Saturday June 12th to Monday June 14th
Trevor will be available to conduct sixty minute sessions
designed to gather all the information necessary
to create a stunning painted portrait
of members and/or their spouses.
This is an exceptional opportunity
to create a lasting memory of your time in Ireland
whilst investing in a powerful legacy for the future
for your family or law firm.
Michael Colley                                             Sid Gilreath    
Recognized as a leading portrait artist in both Europe and North America
Trevor Goring is equally known for his paintings of legal history and symbolism.
His works are to be found in the collections of hundreds of prominent trial lawyers,
legal associations and courthouses.
The artist regularly donates work to raise funds for issues of
access to justice, consumer protection, civil rights and legal education.


Tom and Marie Cavanagh                                                  Bobby Lee Cook      
Collectors from the trial lawyer community include:
Christian Searcy 
John Cherundolo
Tom Mesereau  
John Romano
Gerry Spence
Phil Corboy (portrait) 
Ron Motley 
Barry Nace
Bobby Lee Cook (portrait) 
Roxanne Barton Conlin
Mary Alice McLarty 
Jeff Anderson
Michael Colley (portrait)
Howard Nations
Sid Gilreath (portrait)
Tommy Malone
Melvin Belli (portrait)
John O’Quinn
Russ Herman
Racehorse Haynes (portrait)  Kathleen Flynn Peterson
Alex MacDonald
Todd O'Malley
Sam Davis
Robert Munley (portrait)
Thomas Moore
Mike Papantonio
Barry Cohen
Greg Cusimano
Judy Livingston
Michael Maggiano
Don Shultz
Francis Hartman
Dan Becnel
Powers & Santola
David Bossart

Portraits on canvas range from $12,000 to $25,000
depending on format and background detail.
To discuss your portrait requirements in advance
and to schedule your portrait session
with the artist
Woodsgift. Western Road. Cork City. Ireland
Studio: 353 21 485 1125
Mobile: 353 87 776 5992
US/Canada Studio: 514 278 9378

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