Trevor Goring's first solo exhibition in Ireland.  "THE GOLDEN BOUGH"
at the Vangard Gallery, Cork City, 2009

The title of the exhibition, The Golden Bough, pays tribute to the early anthropological and literary masterpiece of J. G. Frazer published in 1922. Drawing on this anthology of magic, mythology and ritual, these paintings reference thirteenth and fourteenth century Tuscan frescos, (Lorenzetti, Giotto, Bonaiuto) whilst delivering the bold, visual impact of contemporary body language and graphic configuration.  The imagery dematerializes classical antique retrospection, rematerializing into the modernist constructs of shape and line, intense flat colour and the dynamic interplay between negative and positive space. Back lit, gilded silhouettes become allegories of duality, connection and separation; their gestures deliberate and profoundly rooted in nature.


A selection of work
Eclipse Ceremony 150cm x 200cm


Noon Shadow 40cm x 40cm
All Healer 40cm x 40cm
Lose The Shadow 40cm x 40cm
Raise The Wind 100cm x 200 cm
Love's Fire 50cm x 50cm
Soul Slumber 100cm x 100cm
Pan's Image 50cm x 50cm
Mythical Symmetry 150 cm x 200cm
Hasten The Moon 40cm x 80 cm


                             Green Man 50cm x 50cm                                                            Race The Sun 25cm x 25cm


                  Oracle's Release 2   56cm x 76cm                                                          Oracle's release 1  56cm x 76cm
Acrylic and black dry pigment on Arches Aquarelle Satiné. Series of seven drawings.
All works acrylic on canvas unless otherwise stated.

               Last edited:  Nov. 2009

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