An Introduction to the Portrait Process
Trevor Goring. 
Robert Silkey
CEO Einstein Industries

Portraits take many forms and it is important to establish at the outset as to where and for what purpose the work is to be commissioned. Is it to celebrate the professional achievements of a lifetime or to create an enduring image for family and loved ones in the future? Portraits are about legacy and continuity and as such often require foresight and generosity of spirit on the part of the subject.

Its not about you. And its not about now.



  This life size portrait portrays Stephen Komie making a point whilst speaking at the State Capitol building and hangs in the attorney's office.


This informal painting of the international trial lawyer Stephen Komie  was very much to capture a relaxed moment amongst friends and colleagues whilst visiting Dublin. It hangs in the Komie Chicago residence.


This portrait of Bobby Lee Cook hangs in the Georgia Supreme Court, Atlanta and is a good example of a formal portrait, a testament to a highly accomplished jurist, set in the courtroom where he tried many of his cases.






Gerard T. Wrixon, former President of University College Cork, Ireland, stands overlooking the president’s garden. A glimpse through the window of the Glucksman Gallery speaks powerfully of his legacy. The painting hangs in the Aula Maxima, alongside portraits by Basil Blackshaw and John B.Yeats



A double portrait of Tom and Marie Cavanagh of Fermoy anchors them in the university campus environment they developed over the years. The large format original hangs in the Cavanagh pharmaceutical building on College Road, Cork.



Sometimes a simple pencil sketch is appropriate.
Two drawings of inaugural lecturers at UCC. Gwillam Beckerlegge and Maire Herbert.


Once criteria for the painting is established, a minimum of two sessions is required to talk, take notes, sketch and photograph. A painted maquette is submitted for discussion before proceeding to work on the canvas.


Here is an example of a painted maquette for a portrait of Sidney Gilreath from Knoxville,TN. standing in front of the courthouse where he tried his first case. The finished portrait is on the right.


A formal portrait of Susan Elliott, Treasurer, Law Society of Upper Canada hangs in Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Canada.    On the right, a portrait of senior trial lawyer Michael Colley from Columbus, Ohio.

 Once the painting is well advanced consultation allows for minor adjustments.

These compelling portraits are intensely immediate… yet all about legacy and tradition. 
They capture the essence of the character and recognize a life’s contribution to community,
profession, friends and loved ones.   


Fee Structure:         3/4 length formal portrait with selected background.    € 25,000 + travel expenses.
                                Informal portrait with minimal background                    € 12,000 + travel expenses.
                                Pencil sketches                                                            € 2000    + travel expenses.
Terms:                      50% plus expenses on initiation of project.
                                 50% on completion of project.
Time Frame:             Approximately six months for formal portraits.


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