Virus Montréal (1978-1984) was a monthly magazine
founded and published by the Ultra Virus Collective, three contemporary visual artists,
Trevor Goring, Chris Richmond and Stephen Shortt.

 The radical French language arts and entertainments magazine  gave voice to writers such as Jacques Lanctot, Rober Racine, Patrick Schupp and Richard Martineau. Virus Montreal, in bold innovative graphics, pioneered the promotion of the established and experimental arts, independent cinema, new music, gay rights, animal rights, vegetarianism, holistic medicine and community activism.



The magazine survived and flourished thanks to the extraordinary energy and commitment of a broad cross section
of the contemporary arts community, including:
Carmen Garcia, Fulvio Caccia, Camille Bessette, Louis Paul Beguin, Suzanne Munger, Stephane Mayrand
Luc Caron, Danielle Labrosse, John Plant, Marie Estelle Primavesi, Tanya Rosenberg, John Banks,
Suzanne Dansereau, Alama Kakode, Jean Michel, Normand Moffat, Odette Oliver, Rita Peschka, Nancy Petry,
Marcel Seguin, Pierette Bornais, Charles Alain, Benoit Racine, Alain Bouchard, Gabriel Dumont, John Hill,
Jean Christophe Ewen, Claude Marion, Renee Nourian, Paskuniac, Rober Racine, Daniel Sultan, Jean Hrab,
Jacques Desranleau, Flavia Morrison, Gilles De Ladurantaye, Helen Magny, Michaeli Sansregret,
Robert Clark, Louis Daoust, Marc Desjardins, Mary Ellen Davis, Dori Garcia, Claire Harvey, Algis Kemezys,
Jean Lapointe, Paul Lefebvre, Daniel Legault, Francine Martel, Patrick Schupp, Diane St-Amand,
France Charbonneau, Max Adrien, Anne Beauclair, Douglas Leopold, Genevieve Dumas, Nicole Gosselin,
Jean Guy Renaud, Louise Plante
and many many others.
Thank you all.